Saturday, 20 May 2017

Rotisserie chicken pizza

Rotisserie revamp!

Store bought rotisserie revamp 6: chicken pizza

It’s almost as if rotisserie chicken was made for pizzas. It’s another great way to use up left over rotisserie chicken meat and make a brand new and delicious dinner, that everyone will eat without even realizing their eating 5 day old chicken.

I am a firm believer that pizza should not be expensive. And honestly, I really don’t buy pizza unless it’s good. Why? because its nothing more than glorified bread cheese and sauce. I always say it’s so easy to make we can do it at home. And homemade pizzas are almost always 1000 times more delicious than the ones from the takeout pizza spots. You can control what goes into the crust, the sauce and the toppings to your liking.

For this recipe, I used my mushroom marinara sauce. I normally make this sauce in a large batch and then freeze it and use as I need to. This batch has been in the freezer for about a year. It is just as delicious and flavorful as the first day I made it. I wanted to make it a bit smoother, so I added a bit of cream to it before adding the chicken and the parsley. I wanted to sauce and the chicken to become one. So when your eating the pizza the toppings are not falling off with each bite, which can be so annoying.

I made my own crust, but since crusts come in so many shapes and sizes, thin, chewy ,thick, stuffed and crispy I decided to leave the crust up to you. Use a prepared pizza crust, or whatever your favorite pizza crust is and then top with this amazing creamy chicken sauce, cheese and basil.

½ cup chopped rotisserie chicken breast (no skin)
1 teaspoon chopped basil
1 ½ teaspoon chopped parsley
½ cup mushroom marinara sauce or any marinara sauce you choose
1 ½ tablespoon heavy cream
1 prepared pizza dough
¼ cup  mozzarella
¼ cup pepper jack cheese
3 tablespoon shredded white cheddar
2 tablespoon oil
½ teaspoon Oregano
½ teaspoon Onion powder

Xoxo Greedygirl 

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