Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Jamaican Yellow Yam croquettes with honey escovitch sauce

"Christmas is coming"

Is it an appetizer or a side dish?  You decide. This is a delicious ball of carbs; Crunchy exterior soft and flavorful filling, perfect with a sweet tangy dipping sauce. No matter if you love Jamaican yellow yam or if you hate it, these croquettes will be a hit with everyone.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Hazelnut Bread pudding

"Christmas is coming"

When you have stale bread, there is no better way to use them up than to make a bread pudding. And this recipe is truly the best bread pudding recipe ever.  It is extremely flavorful, rich in hazelnut flavors and a hint of Jamaican chocolate.  You may end up purchasing bread just to make it.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bacon wrapped Coffee Bourbon Ham

"Christmas is coming"

A few weeks ago I did some food styling for Caribbean Passion and made a few hams for them. I love coming up with new ideas to flavor ham. Of the three I made for them the coffee bourbon maple ham was epic. I mean really really delicious. I knew I had to recreate this dish in some way for the blog. And here it is, with bacon and cherries.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Herb buttered Hasselback Potatoes

"Christmas is coming"

When has the road of life ever steered you wrong when the signs point to potatoes, butter, herbs and garlic? Not ever! And today’s recipe won’t hurt you either. It’s one of the coolest ways to have a potato. Hasselback potatoes merge a baked potato, potato chips and roasted potatoes all into one perfect package.  Slathered in garlic herb butter just the way everyone likes it.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Red stripe lemon paradise fried chicken

"Christmas is coming"

Everybody has been drinking this red stripe lemon beer. I’m not a drinker but I figured if more than four persons are saying it’s delicious, chances are it actually is. My specialty is to cook with alcohol not to drink it. So while I purchased a few and drank almost half a bottle of a cold one I really got them for the chicken.

Are you ready for Restaurant week?


"Greedy Girl Eats"

Yall know my Greedy Girl restaurant reviews are slated to start in December. However I got invited to partake in a sampling of what Jamaica's restaurant week has to offer and I couldn’t refuse. Last night the Jamaica Yellow pages sponsored the Restaurant week Blogger bus. A few other bloggers and social media gurus along with myself, got a taste of what’s in store for the public come November 13th when restaurant week 2015 begins. Organized by Market me Jamaica, I was joined by, Iceta Wright of Bawn Natural, Krystal Anderson, Jamaica Gleaner food writer and host of I'm not a chef, Jamaican Makeup artist and Vlogger Yanique Lambert aka Chunchi, Entertainer Rohan Perry aka QuitePerry , TVJ ER crew, Sleek Jamaica and Infuzion Inc. We sampled cocktails at C & C south beach restaurant, appetizers at Beirut Mediterranean cuisine, entrees at Tamarind Indian cuisine and finally Desserts at Roe Japanese restaurant. It’s a long post but worth the read if you’re an avid foodie and are dying to try some great dishes at great prices.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Cheesy Ranch Biscuits:Red lobster style

"Christmas is coming"

What’s better than the bread basket that graces a dinner table before a meal? I’ve said it in prior posts that the bread basket it quite possibly my favorite part of a sit down dinner. With that said, I decided that every November I’m going to create at least one biscuit, roll or bread. This biscuit is inspired by Red Lobsters cheddar bay biscuits. They are the perfect cream biscuits, cheesy, soft, slightly herby and garlicky.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Thyme Smoked Ribs with a Pinot Grigio glaze

"Christmas is coming"

It’s November! Time to get our Christmas on, I know I totally skipped Thanksgiving, but I’m Jamaican, we don’t celebrate thanksgiving. And not only that these recipe can totally double to make a killer thanksgiving spread. So Greedy Guys and Gals, It’s about time I did some ribs. And not half assed ribs, straight grill smoked, tender, fall off the bone ribs. I decided to give the hickory and apple wood chips a break, and smoke these ribs with herbaceous thyme. Not only that but it has a lovely white wine and thyme glaze. A must have on your Christmas dinner table this year.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Pumpkin Carrot Juice

“Pumpkin Everythang”

Thick, rich, creamy and sweet, the most refreshing drink to serve with a filling dinner. This pumpkin carrot juice is a take on a childhood favorite drink that I’m sure most Jamaicans will attest had an impact on their childhood. The addition of pumpkin takes our favorite drink to a new high.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Pumpkin Garlic Knots

“Pumpkin Everythang”

Garlic knots are a staple at every pizzeria I’ve ever been to. They are almost always delicious, warm, salty and garlicky. Sometimes the garlic can be a little too harsh and sometimes they whole thing can be way too oily. So let’s take it to the kitchen and what we get is a recipe for the best garlic knots ever; sweet, salty garlicky, buttery ,everything that’s right about the world comes full circle in one bite of these.