Monday, 15 July 2013

Salt and not so Vinegar chips

Cookout and BBQ Season!

The Potato chip is one of the classic summer BBQ side dishes. Second only to fries, it goes with every summer sandwich. Hot dogs and burgers would not be the same without a hand full of potato chips to munch on.

As of late I have been hooked on salt and vinegar chips thanks to my cousin who loves them. I'm a Doritos girl, and normally I would not have considered purchasing salt and vinegar lays. The lays varieties are quite yummy but so salty and tangy. Very good but a little hard to eat as much as I would like (did I say I was greedy?)

 First thing I did was hunt down a deep fryer (can’t believe I waited so long to get one) With chips or with deep frying in general, temperature regulation is important, and the basket that accompanies deep fryers makes the process so much easier.I would highly recommend using one, or at least working with a thermometer.  I used slices of russet potatoes soaked for 1 hour. I would recommend soaking for at least two. I was too lazy and hasty to test out the deep fryer. So my chips had a mildly vinegar taste. I would have preferred a bigger kick.

The process is relatively simple however  If you were making just regular potatoes you would soak them in salted water  then dry and fry. I don’t like adding salt to chips after they are fried, soaking in salted solution yields a yummier chip. Slicing was also a pain. With the first potato I started off with the slotted edge of the grater (the side that no one ever uses) It made thin chips but the slices were very irregular and it started to break the potato apart. A Mandoline  or food processor attachment would have worked great. But I have neither, so a sharp knife and patience finished up the other three potatoes.

Ingredients: (Printable Recipe)

4 large potatoes
3 cups vinegar
2 tablespoon salt
Enough oil for deep frying


  • Place the vinegar and salt in a pot and heat it up. Not to a boil just until the salt has dissolved. Remove from heat, and place in a bowl
  • Slice all your potatoes into thin slices, as thin as possible. Thin = crispy
  • Place the sliced potato into the vinegar and soak for at least one hour. The longer they soak the tangier they will be
  • After the time has elapsed remove from the vinegar and dry with paper towels (very dry)
  • Heat oil to 375
  • Fry them until they are golden and drain on a paper towel

slice with grater
slice by hand

Greedy Tips:

  • You could also bake these instead of frying. However there is a greater tendency to have uneven coloring when baking. (aka burnt chips)
  • You can also keep the skin on the potatoes if you prefer. 

XoXo GreedyGirl