Friday, 18 October 2013

Pumpkin Sausage & Raisin Rice

"Pumpkin Everythang”

So here is part two of the main course, the delicious rice that stuffed my Cornish hens from last Tuesdays post.  It is very simple and delicious. The stock added an amazing rich flavor that the rice soaked right up, coupled with the sweet pumpkin, sage, sausages, raisins and veggies, it went very well stuffed in the citrusy fowl. The reason I separated the dish into two post is because this rice is a side dish all in itself, you can use it to stuff the fowl as well as serve it on the side. When stuffed in the hen the rice gets the ginger and citrus flavor imparted on it, however on its own, the sage, sausage and pumpkin flavor are more prevalent.

One thing I will say about this rice, it’s all about the stock. So if you really want a good and rich flavor make your own stock from the bones of the hen. Even the beautiful color the rice has is from the stock. This is only my second time making a stock, but it will certainly become a common practice from now on. If you  missed it the last time, here it is again. By the way, stock is different from broth, the stock is made with bones and the broth made with the meat. So stocks have a richer flavor while broths are more subtle. Use a stock for this recipe.

Homemade stock (Printable Recipe) 

  • Bones from the Cornish hen seasoned with 3 tsp. salt ½ tsp. black pepper 1 tbls oil, ½ tsp. onion powder and ½ tsp. garlic powder and ½ tsp. smoked paprika. Stir this all up then roasted in a 450 degree oven for 6 to 10 minutes till they are brown.
  • Sauté in 2 tsp. oil;  ½ onion, 1 stalk celery, 1 carrot, 2 tsp. pimento, 1 stalk scallion, 3 sprigs thyme, 2 garlic cloves, all roughly chopped
  • Add bones to this mixture and add enough water to cover the contents.
  • Bring to a boil and once it starts to boil, turn it on the lowest setting and allow it to simmer for one hour. 
  • During the hour, keep an eye on it, every time my liquid reduces down I add more water just to cover the contents.
  • After the hour when its done the last reduction, remove it from heat and let it cool and steep for another 4 hours up to overnight in the fridge. I strain mine the next morning’s so the bones really yield all their flavors.make sure to squeeze all the bones and veggies out to get as much liquid out as you can

Greedy stock tips:
  • You can also make your stock with no salt,  and add salt when you use each portion of it.
  • Secondly, you can freeze them in ice trays or little zip lock bags or any freezer safe plastic container.

So lets get to the rice, the ingredients below makes 6 cups so it can serve 6 to 8 persons. So you can double accordingly if you have more mouths to feed.

Ingredients (Printable Recipe)

1 tbls oil
½  cup Celery
1   cup Onion
½  cup Carrot
5 breakfast Sausage links
1 ¼ cup basmati rice
¼ cup Raisins
1  cups of diced pumpkin
2 ½  cup stock
1 tsp dried sage
½ tsp smoked paprika
½ tsp black pepper
1  tsp no salt seasoning

Greedy tips:
  • Make sure to stir in all the rice grains in the fat and veggies before adding the stock
  • When you have added stock to the rice mixture, allow the rice to begin to soak up the liquid on med/high heat before putting the stove on very low and covering to simmer.
  • Some people like to use foil and paper towels to help keep in the steam when covered, you can totally do that here as well.
  • Just make sure you let it steam for 20 full minutes without opening the pot
  • If you notice I don’t have any added salt to the rice recipe, my home made stock is very well seasoned and has enough salt for the rice
  • however if you  made your stock with no salt, or you used a store bought stock, make sure to salt to taste the liquid. general rule is whatever your liquid taste like is exactly what the rice will taste like

The  only thing I would do next time is use more raisins and add a half cup  more of the pumpkin. I'm not sure if you all are ready for this one. Its probably the most delicious pumpkin dish I have made since the start of the month, and that's amazing, because all the recipes so far have been really good. Go cook this  one, debone some hens or chicken, make the stock, trust me 100% you wont be sorry.

Xoxo Greedygirl