Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Greedy Girl Eats at: Petcom

This month I will be taking a break from the weekly cooking. We have so many weekend getaways, and excursions planned that my Saturdays normally slated for cooking are fully booked. Don’t fear however, this does not mean I won’t me making my posts twice a week. I’m dubbing this month and every December to come Greedy Girl Eats.  I will be on a quest to find the best fried chicken in Jamaica, from various locations across the island. I will culminate the month with a video post of me attempting to make my fried chicken dinner as good as the restaurants I frequent.

This little list will be limited to the cook shops and restaurants I know about. I will order a small meal, or the smallest the establishment serves. The scale will be rated out of 10 and based off six criteria; 

Seasoning, Consistency, Juiciness, Crispiness, Included sides, and finally the Price! 

 There will also be minus points for any ‘hiccups’ encountered on a regular basis. Now you may think the price and the sides have nothing to do with it, but a good side enhance the way you enjoy your meal over all. Even though my main focus is on the fried chicken, I’m  rating each meal as a whole
So on to the first stop….

Name: Golden Court Restaurant (at the Petcom)
Location: Clarendon, A2 main road, Osborne Store

 Disclaimer!!! Petcom has closed :(

Now this place really came out of left field for me. It’s actually attached to a Petcom Gas station. One day a friend and I were at a loss for what to have for lunch. He remembered there is a restaurant right by the gas station and we should take a leap of faith and try it. Upon arrival we saw a number of working professionals and many local chicken farmers gathered to receive lunches. A crowd is normally your first sign that the food is good. The cheapest thing at a Jamaican restaurant is always the fried chicken and rice and peas. Not only is it the cheapest, but it’s the test to see if they can cook or not. In our book, if the restaurant can make a good fried chicken, then and only then, will I trust their goat, pork and beef offerings. We proceeded to order two small fried chicken lunches, and were pleasantly surprised.  We found a new lunch spot.  

Seasoning:  8 always seasoned to the bone with a good flavor
Consistency: 10 Their chicken taste the same every time you have it, however variances in color
Juiciness: 8
Crispiness: 7.5 over all good but crunch can vary slightly
Sides:  6 Standard rice and peas with toss salad or steam veg, occasional macaroni salad once a week if your lucky
Price: 8 $370 Jamaican Dollars Approximately $3.50 USD cheap

Hiccups…The serving policy, no alterations, you can’t get salad only. The small comes with one large piece  (thigh or breast) or two small pieces (leg and wing) only in a large do you have the options of leg and thigh or breast and wing -1
Total score 46.5/60 or 77.5%

Greedy  tip: Portion sizes are much larger when you dine in rather than takeout.  

 They are also known to serve very interesting things, like bake chicken with banana fruit, curry pork, and all sorts of unusual twists, but their fried chicken is a winner. Over all a great lunch spot, friendly staff who remain constant and are not always changing and a good sit down dining atmosphere.  If your ever in Osborne store and in need of some good fried chicken check Golden court.

Xoxo Greedygirl

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