Friday, 6 December 2013

Greedy Girl Eats: Joe Linx

"Greedy Girl Eats"

About 4 years ago we were introduced to this restaurant by my brother. For weeks he had been raving about this new restaurant that makes amazing oxtail and fried chicken. That summer every day he would wake up (mid-day) jump in the car and head straight there to get his lunch.
One evening my mother, sister and I were in the area and decided to see what the big deal was. He was absolutely right, their oxtail and fried chicken is on point. Not to mention their jerk pork, curry goat, even their goat head and belly (yes we eat that too lol) every meat these people make are spot on.

 By 1pm daily oxtail is usually finished, every day they have new meat offering, however fried chicken is a staple. They use a lot of pimento (all spice berries) in their cooking which I love, and you can customize your lunch the way you want it, rice, no rice etc. Since my brother introduced us, we frequent their restaurant and even use them to cater small dinner events when we are too lazy to cook. They even deliver which is a very rare thing to find in our area.

Name: Joe linx
Location: Elethe mall food court, Mandeville

Disclaimer!!! Joe linx has closed :(

Seasoning:  8 always seasoned to the bone with a good flavor
Consistency: 7.5 their chicken taste relatively the same every time you have it
Juiciness: 7.5 I have had a dry breast on one or two occasions
Crispiness: 7.5 over all good crunch, can vary slightly
Sides:  9 rice and peas, steamed veg or toss salad, with rotti, breadfruit, avocado or Callaloo if available. 
Price: 10 $320 Jamaican Dollars Approximately $3.04 USD cheap they have three sizes. Mini for $250 small $320 and large $370

Hiccups… Not a single one, you can get any piece of chicken you want, you can get all salad and no rice if you want, and they always throw in a lot of extras if they have it on that particular day. Rotti is especially yummy. 0

Total score 49.5/60 or 82.5%

Greedy Tip: They chop up their fried chicken before serving, this breaks the bones into smaller pieces, that you then have to fish from the meat. If you don't want it chopped up just tell them.

The lunch in the image is actually a large, they ran out of small boxes when I was there, and I did not want a mini. I chose one spoon of rice, steam veggies and boiled banana. Over all great restaurant, I hate their location, but the food is worth it. The owners sometimes work in the restaurant, lovely people ( husbands name is Joe). Their food does run out early, and they don’t replenish after a certain time. So get your food as early as you can.

Xoxo Greedygirl

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