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Greedy Girl Eats: Seaview Bar and grill Negril

"Greedy Girl Eats"

The #1 spot!

This summer I was introduced to this amazing spot. We went to the Daydreams party in Negril for dream weekend. We stayed at a hotel that was not all inclusive, so we had to find our own food. This usually poses a challenge because Negril is super expensive. The same thing that will cost $300 inland will cost $600 in Negril.  But as fate would have it, a local gave our friends a tip about a very affordable and delicious spot, they shared the wealth and the rest is history.

 Negril is my favorite place to go and relax, I will visit the beach there on average 2 times a month (I live 2 hours away) We always pack food or eat at local restaurants. We have dined at sweet spice, kuyaba, rockhouse hotel, coco la palm, ricks cafĂ©, ciao Jamaica. All good places to eat (especially rockhouse) However I have never enjoyed a meal at those other places the way I enjoyed the meal at sea view bar n grill.

This is more of a take-away spot, however they have seating by the seaside which is great. Upon arriving you go up to the window the menu is written by hand on the left, place your order and specify the parts of the meat you want, then go inside and kindly take a seat and wait for your  number. Yes wait for a number, because there wil be at least 8 person ahead of you waiting for their food as well. Since being introduced to this place, we go there every time we visit Negril. And I have never been in there and not seen a line of people waiting for their food.

Name: Seaview Bar and Grill
Location: Beginning of “One Love Drive” Negril

Seasoning:  10 always seasoned to the bone with the best flavor
Consistency: 10 their chicken taste the same every time you have it
Juiciness: 9 very moist
Crispiness: 8.5 over all great crunch
Sides:  6 standard rice and peas with toss salad
Price: 8 $350 Jamaican Dollars Approximately $3.33 USD cheap

Hiccups… No hiccups, you get whatever piece of chicken you want. They also serve a mini size for $225

Total score 51.5/60 or 85.8%

I guess with affordable prices and delicious food lines are to be expected. This is definitely my favorite fried chicken in Jamaica. I know I have not had everything not even close, but from what I have had I can say this place is amazing.

P.s their open late, and round the clock in ATI season. 

Xoxo Greedygirl

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