Tuesday, 14 January 2014

3 Ingredient Chocolate Shake

 "Feast of Saint Valentine"

Next to hot chocolate, a milk shake is the most common of the chocolate beverages. However I was sure no ice would be blended in this shake. 1 I don’t have a powerful smoothie blender, and 2 don’t you hate when the ice and other ingredients settle and separate? Yuk, so I came up with this simple recipe that is beyond easy using no blended ice. Best part is you already have all the ingredients…hopefully

Ice-cream, milk, cocoa powder, that’s it! The great thing about using the ice-cream is the variety of flavors you can pair with the cocoa powder, and its already sweet. I used a homemade rum and raisin for my milk shake. So my shake had the ovenproof white rum flavor with the chocolate and the raisins were blended out very finely. 

I love using ice-cream as the base for milk shakes, because your really blending semi frozen milk, so no worries of traditional blended ice separating from the milk solids. Not to mention the yummy unblended portions of ice-cream you may still have if not blended out thoroughly. 

This recipe was truly a happy accident. I had intended on doing fried nutella wontons for this post. However my oil was way too hot and within seconds of dropping the babies in the oil, the wontons got insanely crispy and the nutella hardened in the center. So that recipe is still in the test kitchen stages. After that disaster I had to scramble and look around the kitchen to find another chocolate recipe to replace the wontons. This is what spawned the milkshake. 

Ingredients (printable recipe)

1 1/2 cup Rum and raisin icecream
1/2 cup milk
1 table spoon cocoa powder 


Blend all the ingredients together until smooth

feel free to experiment

Greedy Tip:

 If you’re on a diet, I’m sure calorie friendly ice-cream, skim milk and a few scoops of your protein powder would make a great healthy alternative too. 

Xoxo Greedygirl

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