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Greedy Girl Eats: Border fish


"Greedy Girl Eats"

Growing up this was the seafood spot we were most acquainted with and knew very well. As a matter of fact it was here that I first fell in love with escovitch fish. We always stopped here on our way to the beach. Border is known for two things Fried fish and bammy. The only other things sold here is soup and maybe festivals (if your lucky) But fish and bammy are the two main items on the list here. Lets see how their escovitch fish rated.

Escovitch fish is really just a well-seasoned fish fried crispy and topped with a spicy pickle sauce. The sauce is full of vinegar, onions, pimento, hot peppers and carrots. This sauce can be made and left to soak for months, even years and still be delicious. The longer it soaks the better the flavor.
The eight spot I will review is  Border . 

Name: Border
Location: Border of , St Elizabeth & Westmoreland

About the name..Its Called Border due to its location. Right on the border of two Parishes; St Elizabeth and Westmoreland. There are several shacks (similar to Hellshire beach) all with different cooks and owners who are all selling the same thing. They even offer drive through service. If you don't want to leave your car don't worry because as you pull up 4 to 6 different women will rush to your window beckoning you to buy fish and bammy from them, even though they are all selling the same thing. However we buy our fish from a seller named Jackie. We opt not to take the drive though approach as we want the freshest fish. My boyfriend likes to go right up to Jackie's pot and pick the ones coming out of the hot oil.

Seasoning: 9.5 Seasoned exceptionally well!
Consistency: 9 As long as you get fresh fish from the right seller its consistent.
Pickle: 10 The best escovitch pickle in all the land. The onions are perfectly crunchy yet fully soaked in the vinegar and pepper sauce.  
Crispiness: 8 Fish was relatively crispy .
Fish freshness: 10 Nice fresh tender fish
Hiccups: 0
 Total score 46.5/50 or 93%

These are some pickled onions on the fried Parrot fish

These are some fried snapper

Greedy tips: 

  • You can buy from the sellers at your window if you like, especially for the bammy. but for the fish I recommend getting out of the car and getting some fresh fish right out the fryer.
  • Jackie's number is: 1-876-439-7532 You can call ahead of time and place your order 
  • Also Border sells the best bammy in jamaica....HANDS DOWN!

Xoxo Greedygirl

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