Friday, 23 January 2015

Pink Mint Hot Chocolate

 "Feast of Saint Valentine"

No, this is not a cup of Pepto-Bismol, this is the third of my hot chocolate creations. Today we welcome Pink Mint hot chocolate into the fold along with pumpkin hot chocolate and orange hot chocolate. Lord knows what I will come up with next. Chocolate is so versatile and works well with a variety of flavor combinations. Mint chocolate is a classic pairing. However I wanted a white hot mint chocolate or pink as the case may be. 

 For whatever reason, I always feel the need to incorporate some pink or red into a recipe or two, after all it is my hope that you can find something here to prepare for your special someone. Speaking of special someone my boyfriend… I mean fianc√© (we are now 30 so we are phasing out the term boyfriend lol) sat on a stool and watched me prep, film and photograph to the high heavens this recipe before enjoying a fresh hot cup. He absolutely loved it, so it was a good sign to me that other men may enjoy it too, pink or not!

This needs no added sugar the chocolate candy dissolved in the milk is just the right amount of sugar for the hot chocolate. I used Hershey candy cane kisses to enhance the flavor of the mint. That caused the color to change to pink. If you use a mint chocolate candy that has no red stripes you will get the same flavor but obviously no pink. So it’s all up to you…your chocolate, your rules!

Serves around 3-4 cups depending on how much your cup holds. 

2 cup milk
3 bunches of fresh mint
1 bar of white chocolate (whole thing)
12 Hershey candy cane kisses
1/3 cup heavy cream
1 teaspoon vanilla 

Greedy Tips

  • Make sure all the chocolate is completely dissolved
  • Remember to turn off the heat then add the cream and vanilla before serving

Xoxo Greedygirl

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