Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Red stripe lemon paradise fried chicken

"Christmas is coming"

Everybody has been drinking this red stripe lemon beer. I’m not a drinker but I figured if more than four persons are saying it’s delicious, chances are it actually is. My specialty is to cook with alcohol not to drink it. So while I purchased a few and drank almost half a bottle of a cold one I really got them for the chicken.
What did I have planned? Why beer glazed chicken of course. Something easy and quick with no muss no fuss. But what did I do instead? Something that I’m not that good at; fried chicken. I guess sometimes in life that little motivation angel sits on your shoulders and whispers in your ear “yeah girl, you can do it” don’t you always believe her? So as I’m about to season the chicken, brown them, make a sauce with the red stripe and pop it in the oven. This chic on my shoulders says to me…I think you should marinate it overnight in the beer, then fry it tomorrow…and go lay in your bed now. Sounds like a plan. And that’s what I did.

As I said before I’m not really that good at making fried chicken, at least let me rephrase that. My fried chicken, while good, just never tastes as good as the restaurants fried chicken. I have made the best I can and posted it to the blog. So this right here is a special fried chicken with flair. It’s a bit ugly but the flavors are not bad at all, very lemony, and gingery…the marinade had a slightly off putting smell to me, guess it was the mix of the beer and the ginger, but that didn’t last for too long. All in all it was a pretty darn interesting recipe. One that’s best had fresh though; the batter is much lighter due to the beer. Try it out if you’re feeling adventurous.

Ingredients: (printable recipe)

10- 13 pieces CB drumsticks
2 cups flour
2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon onion powder
½ teaspoon black pepper
Oil for frying
2 extra bottles of beer
1 tablespoon oil
1 onion
1 ½  teaspoons alt
½ cup red stripe lemon beer
1 ½ oz ginger
1 oz lime or lemon zest
1 tablespoon allspice
2 tablespoon honey


  • In a blender mix all the ingredients for the marinade, oil, onion, salt, beer, ginger, allspice and honey
  • Submerge clean drumsticks skin on into the marinade and leave it to soak over night
  • Heat oil on medium high heat
  • In a shallow dish combine flour, salt, onion powder and black pepper
  • In a bowl pour the contents of the bottle of beer
  • Remove chicken from the marinade and dredge in flour, remove the excess then dip into the beer then back into the flour
  • After the chicken has been floured twice place it in the hot oil and fry for approximately 15 minutes in a deep fryer
  • If shallow frying turn after 7 to 8 minutes
  • The chicken is finished when the internal temperatures reach  165/ 170 degrees
  • While the chickens are frying take the second bottle of beer and pour into a sauce pan reduce to a thick sauce, do not allow it to reduce too much or else it will become too hard and sticky like a toffee 

Greedy tips:

  • You really have to watch the beer as it reduces it goes from 0 to 100 quicker than Drake. So let’s not waste bottles of beers like I did :) 
Xoxo Greedygirl

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