Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Greedy Girl eats at Homars Roti

"Greedy Girl Eats"

The Third Stop! This month on Greedy girl eats its all about curried goat. In Jamaica our motto is out of many one people and for good reason. After slavery ended droves of Indians came to the country as indentured laborers. Thy did not leave behind their food. The curry as we know it today is a fusion of traditional Indian curry with Jamaican flavors. I will be visiting 8 restaurants across the island and sampling their curry goat. The month ends with a home made version honing in the best of all I taste.

"When goat meat done, a wa curry a go do?" -Miss Lou

We curry any and everything, oxtail, chicken, fish, even curried vegetables and chick peas. Goat however is the most traditional thing to curry. Mutton has a distinct flavor and when curried with the added spices it can be the most delicious thing paired with some soft and fluffy white rice or better yet some well made roti.
The third dining experience takes place at Homar's Roti

Name: Homar's Roti and Grill
Location: Mineral Heights Round-about May Pen Clarendon

Homar's is a place I have been coming to for years. Its a little drive from work but its one of the only restaurants in the area (next to kfc) where I know I'm guaranteed to get a good delicious lunch. They are pretty consistent with the taste and flavor of their foods. I think I had the curry goat a number of years ago. I generally don't order curry goat at restaurants (because we cook it so much at home). This month has been really forcing me to step out of my comfort zone. However I can say this lunch was divine. For me I can smell when curry goat is going to taste good, and as I opened the box I knew it. The curry flavor was so good, thick rich gravy with the perfect spice levels. My only wish is that more restaurants would serve ram goats (or at least use a ram goat seasoning pack) there is such a distinct flavor the ram goat has that makes curry goat out of this world delicious.

...so how was it?

Seasoning: 10 the perfect curry flavor, spicy, flavorful up!
Ram goat taste: 7 the goat meat flavor was good but not strong as I would have liked it
Tenderness: 6 there were a few very chewy pieces of meat however majority of it was tender
Bones: 10 The size of the meat was not too small not too big and therefor the bones were bigger and   much easier to manage not small and splintery
Overall taste: 9 Was quite delicious and I would order it again
Hiccups: 0 Yay they serve roti !!!!
 Total score 42/50 or 84%

Greedy tips: 

  • Homar's has a number of other things on the menu, Their bbq chicken gets great reviews as well. 

Remember this review is JUST for the Curry Goat, not for their entire menu.

Xoxo Greedygirl

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