Friday, 11 December 2015

Greedy Girl eats at Neville's Curry goat Joint

"Greedy Girl Eats"

The Fourth Stop! This month on Greedy girl eats its all about curried goat. In Jamaica our motto is out of many one people and for good reason. After slavery ended droves of Indians came to the country as indentured laborers. Thy did not leave behind their food. The curry as we know it today is a fusion of traditional Indian curry with Jamaican flavors. I will be visiting 8 restaurants across the island and sampling their curry goat. The month ends with a home made version honing in the best of all I taste.

"When goat meat done, a wa curry a go do?" -Miss Lou

We curry any and everything, oxtail, chicken, fish, even curried vegetables and chick peas. Goat however is the most traditional thing to curry. Mutton has a distinct flavor and when curried with the added spices it can be the most delicious thing paired with some soft and fluffy white rice or better yet some well made roti.
The fourth dining experience takes place at Neville's Curry goat Joint

Name: Neville's Curry goat Joint
Location: Spur Tree Hill Manchester

This one took me by surprise. Not only is St Elizabeth full of Curry goat Joints, but the road to St Elizabeth is lined with them as well. Passing through Spur Tree in Manchester there are at least three to four spots that sell curry goat. I stopped by two today and the first to hit the chopping block is Neville's curry goat joint. I have driven past this joint for such a long time without even batting an eye and a friend told me (while we were having curry goat at his restaurant), their curry goat is really good and I should try it. So as per the usual I added on the list, My cousin and I took the journey down the hill to see if it was Indeed that good. In a word I would describe our lunch experience as Perfect. Flavor, tenderness, every thing was spot on and what blew us away was the ram goat flavor. Tun up up up up up, as if I was drinking a cup of manish water. Trust me, If I want curry goat ever again I will take the drive to Neville's.

...want the details?

Seasoning: 9 Almost perfect curry flavor, spicy, flavorful up! 9 only because the curry flavor could have been a little tip stronger for me
Ram goat taste: 10 its basically manish water, super flavorful amazing flavor.
Tenderness: 10 Very tender no chewy bits. 
Bones: 9 The size of the meat was relatively small However there were almost no bones.
Overall taste: 10 Was beyond delicious!!
Hiccups: -1 No roti : (
 Total score 47/50 or 94%


Remember this review is JUST for the Curry Goat, not for their entire menu.

Xoxo Greedygirl

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