Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Greedy Girl Eats at Sonia's Homestyle

"Greedy Girl Eats"

This month on Greedy girl eats its all about curried goat. In Jamaica our motto is out of many one people and for good reason. After slavery ended droves of Indians came to the country as indentured laborers. Thy did not leave behind their food. The curry as we know it today is a fusion of traditional Indian curry with Jamaican flavors. I will be visiting 8 restaurants across the island and sampling their curry goat. The month ends with a home made version honing in the best of all I taste.

"When goat meat done, a wa curry a go do?" -Miss Lou

We curry any and everything, oxtail, chicken, fish, even curried vegetables and chick peas. Goat however is the most traditional thing to curry. Mutton has a distinct flavor and when curried with the added spices it can be the most delicious thing paired with some soft and fluffy white rice or better yet some well made roti.
The first restaurant dining experience takes place at Sonia's Home-style cooking and natural juices.

Name: Sonia's Home-style cooking and natural juices
Location: 17 central ave, Kingston

The setting of the restaurant is really cozy. It seemed like it was a converted house. The decor was full of yellow, green and black with hints of that red madras fabric; very Jamaican. My mother and boyfriend accompanied me on this tasting, however I was the only one who had the curried goat. Sonia's offers several Jamaican dishes on the menu to choose from and on this particular day had two home made natural juices in addition to other beverages. As usual I rate the meal based on 5 categories; how seasoned the meat was, the richness of the goat flavor, tenderness of the meat, were there too many bones and its over all taste. Then I deduct points for any thing I think the experience was lacking, whether it be in the service, or the food.

...so how was it?

Seasoning: 7.5 Seasoned well, very flavorful but did not have enough peppery spice for me
Ram goat taste: 6 the goat flavor was not as distinct and strong as I would have liked it
Tenderness: 10 perfectly cooked super tender with nicely sized pieces of goat
Bones: 8 some bones were small and sharp but over all the bone level was manageable
Overall taste: 7.5 Was quite delicious and I would most certainly order it again
Hiccups: -1 does not offer roti (you cant sell curry goat and not roti)
 Total score 38/50 or 76%

Greedy tips: 

  • Make sure to try one of their home made Natural Juices. The say we were there the choices were cane juice and sour sop juice. Both my mother and I opted for the sour sop. It was amazingly delicious, Just like the juice we make at home. And they also sell it to go!

Remember this review is JUST for the Curry Goat, not for their entire menu. My mother orders a delicious brown stew snapper and my Boyfriend had stew peas with pigs tail. So they have a variety of Jamaican favorites to choose from.

Xoxo Greedygirl

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