Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Creamy Garlic Lobster

"Christmas is coming"

Lobster is always on our Christmas table. I hate the taste of lobster but I somehow manage to cook it every single Christmas whether it be grilled, garlic or in a pasta. Today I did a remake of a lobster that I previously posted to the blog “Garlic parsley grilled lobster” this is basically the same recipe but using a whole lot more garlic, butter and cream.

In case you have been keeping up with the blog weekly you will notice I am finally back from hibernation. This recipe as well as the next two following are two to three weeks late. We had so much going on with thanksgiving, family coming up from Jamaica, my brother and his friends, it was just a whole lot. So, it was incredibly hard to balance cooking dinner, and breakfast, all the outings and making my regular scheduled blog posts. So unfortunately, the blog posts for pushed to the side…but only for a bit. This year there will be no “Greedy girl eats” So “Christmas is coming will extend into mid-December.

Can I tell you how whole foods Market totally tricked me? I went in to get some lobster tails and saw them selling for 4.99 per tail. I was like wow, didn’t realize they would be so affordable. I purchased only four (like how stupid could I get). I figured I could come back and get some more when the time came to use for thanksgiving. I was trying not to have to freeze the lobster at all. So, I go back to whole foods a few days before thanksgiving and the lobster tails are 17.00 per tail. I was flabbergasted! And they are super small, I asked the guy how comes they were 4.99 last week, come to find out that is not their everyday price I had caught them on a special. Silly me, I did not purchase any lobster for thanksgiving.

One thing I will say is these four little tails were thoroughly enjoyed. They were super garlicky, buttery and creamy. I dipped my finger in the sauce so I can attest that the sauce was good. I made sure to season my lobster overnight in the parsley and garlic oil. Doing that is highly recommended to get the most flavor out of the dish, just make sure to scrape off all the parsley before cooking so as not to overpower the lobster with the herb.

Lobster marinade
After splitting the lobster tails and removing the vein blend all these together and stuff in the meat. Let it marinate over night
4-6 lobster tails
1 bunch parsley
5 garlic cloves
½ cup oil
½ teaspoon salt
Garlic butter
2 ½ tablespoon salted butter
6 garlic cloves shredded
Garlic cream sauce
1 tablespoon salted Butter
2 Garlic cloves shredded
¼ cup whole milk or evaporated milk

Greedy Tips:

  • Make sure to use one pan straight from making the garlic butter right to the cream sauce. You need all the burnt bits and fat and everything in-between to add flavor to the final cream sauce.
  • If you choose you don’t have to reduce the sauce that thick. If you like it more like a gravy you can stop at the consistency you choose. I wanted mins to be super thick almost like a rich cheese sauce. I used evaporated milk for my sauce. 

Xoxo Greedygirl

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