Friday, 31 May 2013


I’m just another greedy girl with a passion for cooking. I’ve decided to extend a helping hand to all my fellow foodies who love to cook or who need to learn to cook. Why should only my friends and family enjoy my special yummies. I need to share the wealth. 

Cooking for me, is like that home town boyfriend who everyone expects you to get married to, but you feel like there is bigger and better in the world. You leave home, find a new love, get married have kids, but then comes the what-ifs, and the memories of yesteryear. I ignored my culinary instincts, moved on and married Architecture, Urban design and environmental technology :/ Somehow cooking was always in my blood, always something I did as a hobby because I truly love it...Or maybe I just love to eat...but in any case, I cook like most people read books. If I had a penny for the amount of times I’ve heard  "why didn't you go to culinary school" I would be as rich as Oprah. So I decided why not try something new and different.

So here I am world, I will post recipes I’ve created, recreated, show you my own tips and tricks, quick snack ideas, and mini vlogs of my local food finds. And to top it off  I’m kicking it chef John style and recording the recipes and posting to a youtube channel as well.  (please don’t say you don’t know who Chef John is) 

Ohhh…by the way,  I live in Jamaica… be prepared for some island spice!!! 

My motto: If you can’t cook you shouldn’t eat :p 

So don't worry I'm here to help 

Xoxo Greedygirl

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