Sunday, 2 June 2013

Can’t cook without

There are just some things you can’t live without, can’t do without. Likewise there are some kitchen utensils you can cook without. You don’t even realize how deep this unnatural dependency is until your rummaging through a friends kitchen drawer fighting back tears and wondering how she survives without a mallet.

So while cooking dinner today, I decided to show my fantastic four. You can guarantee that every single recipe I post will use one or more of these. They are literally my kitchen fingers, to know my cooking is to know my tools, so here they are in no specific order….

Meet my very sharp 5 inch Santokuknife. It’s a great multipurpose knife that came in a set. Love its size and I use it to cut everything.

I think a zester/micro planer is a must have in a kitchen, garlic, onions, lemons, lime, oranges, works for me. It minces garlic out to the finest bits, so great for sauces or adding onions to mac n cheese.

If you cook meat, you need tongs. You get a really firm grip on things, especially when turning or moving them. Grilling, browning, even stirring pasta at times, my tongs have seen it all.

You would think the knife would be my most used item, nope. It’s my handy dandy silicone spatula that takes first place for the most used item in my kitchen. I don’t think the spatula has ever even been in the drawer, I use it, wash it, dry it and it goes from the drying rack right back into the pot. It’s my spoon, and fork, if it had a sharp edge it would be my knife too. Flips omelets, mixes cake batter, and stirs my sauces. I could go on and on. I’m sure the love I have for this spatula is oozing through this post, so I’ll stop myself right here. Just know, once you start using one of these babies, you will never use another.

By the way, the delectable salmon you are viewing is my specialty; I call it “I hate Salmon” why? Only because I actually do hate salmon, but was forced to cook it a few months back and had to make a recipe I would like. Needless to say this sauce made me a liker. I’ve made it countless times since then. It’s always a big hit among salmon virgins, and salmon whores. Recipe for this will be posted soon..…stay tuned

Xoxo Greedygirl

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