Friday, 7 June 2013

'Crack' Mix

 How rare is it to purchase a ready-made trail mix, with nothing to pick out? It’s hard I know. I love having trail mix as a snack or just something “fi ketch up mi blood suga” So instead of picking through a mix of wants and want not’s I just decided to mix a batch.

Why did I even decide to do this? I have been traveling a lot recently, and American Airlines warm nut mix was the catalyst that sparked this need to customize my nuts. I absolutely love pistachios and cashews and I HATE almonds (unless they are sliced and in some form of ranch or BBQ flavor rendering all its nutritional value null and void). American Airlines  insists on filling the mix with mostly almonds and sparsely throwing in the good stuff. I decided that as soon as I hit land I’m making my own concoction, salty, sweet, chocolaty goodness.


Quantities are all up to your liking I think each bite should have a bit of everything
2 cups Raisinets (chocolate covered raisins)
3.5  cups Cashew halves an pieces
3.5  cups Honey roasted peanuts
2 cups Dry roasted pistachios
2 cups Craisins

Take all these lovely ingredients and toss them together in a large bowl.

You will have enough mix to last a week or two, If you can curb the urge to munch. Store them in some air tight containers. You can even keep it in the fridge if you like. It is summer and it can get a bit hot, refrigeration will keep your chocolate from melting.

Its sooooo Yummy, the cranberries get coated in the residual salts and adds a savory tartness while the raisinets add a burst of sweetness to each bite. My boyfriend is totally in love with this stuff, he will eat an entire jar if allowed to; it’s very addictive. Try it out, this is my trail mix AKA 'Crack' mix recipe.......coming to a kitchen near you.

Xoxo Greedygirl

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