Friday, 13 December 2013

Gready girl eats: at Claudette’s

"Greedy Girl Eats"

Don’t let the look of this place fool you. I have been driving past this cook shop for years and had not a clue what was going on in there. Thanks to my boyfriend and his love for curry goat, for introducing me to Claudette. This place is mainly a curry goat spot. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they offered fried chicken as well. On the top of spur tree hill Claudette’s is one of two curry goat hot spots. Alex’s curry goat is the other; the only difference, Alex’s is strictly goat.

 Claudette has a coal fired open kitchen in back, buzzing with ladies in aprons taking orders and serving tables and takeout. You may order a small or large size with either goat or chicken only or even mixed. Having the curry gravy on your fried chicken is especially yummy. The meat is tender and very well-seasoned. As a matter of fact I had a leg and breast and my breast was flavorful right down to the last bite, juicy too. I normally have their leg and thigh, but they were out of thighs.


Name: Claudette’s
Location: Manchester ( Spur tree hill top approach)

Seasoning:  9 always seasoned to the bone with a good flavor
Consistency: 9 their chicken taste the same every time you have it
Juiciness: 9 Very moist
Crispiness: 7.5 over all good  crunch, but it looses the crunch with the over dose of gravy.
Sides:  6 standard rice and peas and toss salad 
Price: 7 $400 Jamaican Dollars Approximately $3.80 USD still relatively cheap

Hiccups… A small only gets you one piece of chicken (any part) if you want two, you have to get a large ($500).  The small is the price you pay for larges at other locations, so value is their major downfall -1

Total score 46.5/60 or 77.5%

Greedy tip: They go heavy on the gravy and they put it on the chicken not rice (go figure) make sure to specify where u want it

Xoxo Greedygirl

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