Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Greedy Girl Eats: KFC

"Greedy Girl Eats"

I know you’re wondering why on earth  a fast food restaurant on this list. But there is no way fried chicken could be reviewed and KFC not be included.  KFC in Jamaica is not like most fast food restaurants.  Jamaica should be called KFC country, I don’t think you can find a set of people who love kfc chicken more (although I’ve heard the Trinidadians are just as bad).  There are rumors that our recipe has been altered and I am inclined to believe that. The chicken taste 1000 times better than the chicken I’ve had elsewhere, especially in NY. It’s more flavorful and more seasoned.  Here in Jamaica we have three flavors original, BBQ and hot and spicy. We also have hot wings and bbq hot wings. The general meal deal comes with chicken fried and a soda.

The vicinities of KFC always have the most amazing smell. One thing I will warn you, the weekend drives through lines are out onto the main road. I have waited longer than 30 minutes in a kfc line. And to add insult to injury once you finally place your order you are likely to hear that they have no BBQ no hot and spicy and no bbq hot wings, on a rare occasion you will hear they are cooking more and it’s a 15 minute wait.  

Name: Kentuky Fried Chicken
Location: Mandeville (and 32 other locations island wide)

Seasoning:  8 always seasoned to the bone with a good flavor
Consistency: 8 their chicken taste the same every time you have it
Juiciness: 8
Crispiness: 8 over all good but crunch can vary slightly (only spicy chicken is crispy)
Sides:  6 fries and a soda. However the soda is almost always watered down and the small fries are less filling and not as healthy as rice and a side salad or steam veg.
Price: 6 $510 Jamaican Dollars Approximately $4.80 USD not too bad

Hiccups… Even though the leg and thigh are attached and also the breast and wing, kfc refuses to serve leg and thigh. They cut the breast into two parts they serve leg and rib (side breast) breast and rib, or thigh and wing the only way to get the pieces you want is to order two one pc chickens which plus fries and drink come out to be more costly than the meal deal -1

Total score 43/60 or 71.6%

With all that said in comparison to the traditional fried chicken spots kfc still finds itself on the lower end of the scale,  mostly due to the price and the sides that come with the meal. Never the less I still have friends who make sure to buy and freeze a bucket of BBQ and spicy chicken to take back to NY with them.

Xoxo Greedygirl

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