Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Greedy girl eats: at Mega Mart

"Greedy Girl Eats"

This is the latest addition to the Mandeville lunch time scene. Mega mart is essentially a Jamaican Wal-Mart. It houses everything under one roof, pharmacy, bill payments, grocery, household items, a really great bakery and a cafeteria. Like I said in an earlier post, the sign of good food to come is a crowd.  However Mega mart does not just have any crowd, they have a long line of persons on their lunch break waiting patiently in line to get their meals. And yes I said patiently, no one is walking out or getting frustrated because of the wait, that goes to show they must really want Mega marts food.

 The menu changes daily however their southern fried chicken remains constant. Mega mart serves one large size in the two partition lunch boxes. Patrons receive a hefty portion of rice on one side, two huge pieces of chicken on the other and salad on top. They chicken is incredibly crispy, the most crunch I’ve ever had from a Jamaican fried chicken joint even though it’s the least seasoned. Not to say its not yummy, it is, but some chicken you bite into and you know it’s been marinating in salt, pimento, peppers, scallion, thyme etc. for at least a day. This one seem like it was seasoned a few hours before frying.   

 They do good oxtail, fish and pork as well. I always hear rave reviews about their stew pork and beans however I’ve never had it.  For the amount of food Mega mart serves you could pay around $400 to $500 elsewhere, portions are heavy and the food is good, it’s no wonder people patiently wait.

Name: Mega Mart cafeteria
Location: Mandeville (also in Kingston, Portmore, Montego Bay)

Seasoning:  7 could use a bit more kick
Consistency: 9 their chicken taste the same every time you have it
Juiciness: 7 quite moist
Crispiness: 10 best crunch
Sides:  6 standard rice and peas, toss salad
Price: 9 $365 Jamaican Dollars Approximately $3.47 USD cheap

Hiccups… None, only one large size available, but it’s the cost of a typical small, you get any piece you want, the chicken pieces are quite large, as well as the rice portions. You can also dictate the amount of rice you want. 0

Total score 48/60 or 80%

Xoxo Greedygirl

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