Friday, 20 December 2013

Greedy Girl Eats: Juici Patties

"Greedy Girl Eats"

The restaurant that was once just a patty shop, has now transformed into Jamaica’s very own fast food chain; serving breakfast, lunch and early dinners.  Juici Patties (formally Juici Beef patties) now has quite an extensive menu (hence the removal of the word beef from their name). They serve eight different types of patties, jerk, fried and bbq chicken lunches, soups, porridge's, ackee, callaloo, buns, cakes and ice-cream.  It’s like these people don’t ever want you to leave their doors, there are 50 locations across Jamaica.

 Here you can easily have lunch everyday of the week and not repeat a meal. Not to mention the fact that their test kitchen has almost found the secret to the colonels fried chicken recipe. Not only does Juici's fried chicken look and smell like KFC’s original recipe, it’s very close in taste. They are just a tad bit off to matching the flavor dead on, but it’s an impressive attempt. 

Name: Juici Patties
Location: Mandeville (50 locations island wide)

Seasoning:  7.5 nicely seasoned
Consistency: 7.5 their chicken taste relatively the same every time you have it
Juiciness: 8 quite juicy
Crispiness: 6 could be crispier
Sides:  9 fries, wedges, dinner roll and Drink
Price: 7 $475 Jamaican Dollars Approximately $4.50 USD good value

Hiccups… Typical no leg and thigh restrictions, however you get a fair amount of sides, so a Juici's two piece will be more filling than KFC even though KFC chicken taste better. -1

Total score 44/60 or 73%

Due to Juici’s early closing time, they will only maintain the crown with the lunch time eaters, while KFC will amass the herd for the late night quick dinners.

p.s. The images are not the usual quality because I forgot my nikon at home, did the best I could with my tab :)

Xoxo Greedygirl 

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