Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Jamaican Lemonade

Cool it down
 I remember as a child I figured out how to make lemonade by accident. I was thirsty and mixed a little sugar in a glass of water, I thought it tasted a little boring and squeezed the juice of a lime in it. I remember exclaiming, wow this taste like lemonade! And my mother replying; how do you think they make lemonade? This is the way lemonade is made in Jamaica, with limes and brown sugar, one of the most refreshing drinks.

  I’m not sure why we call it lemonade when it’s really limeade. Many restaurants if not all of them list the drink as lemonade. Once I ordered it and the lady said to me, ‘just so you know it’s not lemon its lime juice, is that ok?’. I guess she had a few complaints that she was in fact serving limeade from a few customers. Never the less this is what I grew up knowing lemonade taste like, super tart, sweet and refreshing and in no way lemony. A jug of this does not last very long in our refrigerator. 

Serves 5 or more

Ingredients (printable recipe)
10 Limes (apx ¼ cup lime juice)
1 ¼  cup brown sugar
5 ½ cup water


  • Juice the 10 limes and strain into a large jug
  • Add the sugar to the lime juice and stir, dissolving the sugar into the lime juice
  • Once most of the sugar is dissolved add the water and mix until all the sugar Chrystal’s are completely dissolved
  • Serve over ice.

Greedy Tip:

  •  If you really want to take the drink over top do the juice of 5 oranges and 5 limes. And follow the same instructions; this is how my grandmother makes her lemonade and its so good.
  • I tend to make my juice slightly sweeter for balance, because when it is served individually the ice waters it down. 

Xoxo Greedygirl

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