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Greedy girl eats: Whitebones seafood restaurant

"Greedy Girl Eats"

Whitebones seafood restaurant has been another go to eatery for our family. This is the second of the only two establishment I have reviewed that is not on the seaside. This restaurant is in the heart of Kingston city, or maybe on the outskirts of the heart. Their menu is quite extensive and they even have all you can eat crab Thursdays. However I will be schooling you all on their escovitch fish. Lets see how their escovitch fish rated.

Escovitch fish is really just a well-seasoned fish fried crispy and topped with a spicy pickle sauce. The sauce is full of vinegar, onions, pimento, hot peppers and carrots. This sauce can be made and left to soak for months, even years and still be delicious. The longer it soaks the better the flavor.
The sixth restaurant I will review is  Whitebones seafood restaurant . 

Name: Whitebones seafood restaurant
Location: Kingston, St Andrew

Seeing as how this is a dine in restaurant and not a seaside shack there was no choosing your own fish. And as a result I ended up with a rather large fish (even though I asked the waiter for a very small one). I assume that since they sell their fish by the pound they do not have any available less than one pound. However it was surprisingly crispy despite the size. But it did slightly fall victim to the classic too meaty and slightly trashy fish texture. This is why I detest larger fishes. They require longer cooking times to be properly done, so its very easy to over cook. While a smaller fish can be in and out of the hot oil within minutes, a larger fish just simply needs more time. And when it comes to fried fish, that's a no-no. 

Seasoning: 9.5 Seasoned exceptionally well!
Consistency: 8 Pretty consistent with the quality of food
Pickle: 7 The pickle was a bit too watery and onions a bit limp However the flavor was quite good.
Crispiness: 9 Fish is fried to perfection, despite the watery pickle, however the meat was slightly trashy because it was so large.
Fish freshness: 9 Fish is quite fresh.
Hiccups: -2 Fish is too big, you don't have control over the size of fish you are served. And the one I had was just slightly over cooked. 
 Total score 40.5/50 or 81%

Greedy tips: 

  • Since the fishes are larger here, I would recommend having it stewed or curried that way the meat will not dry out.
  • The parking is less than ideal, however they do have a lower level parking 

Remember this review is JUST for the escovitch fish, not for their entire menu.Their crab, curry, garlic bread and festivals are quite good. They also have great cocktails and serve the MOST DELICIOUS lemonade you will find anywhere!

Xoxo Greedygirl

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