Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Roasted Pumpkin and pepper cheese dip

Pumpkin Everythang!

This is the best thing you can have in your refrigerator when hungry bites. A nice bag of pumpkin cheese dip to make sandwiches, eat on crackers, carrot and celery sticks, I would even spread this on burgers…this would actually be excellent on a burger. Just all in all a great dip that everyone should have on hand.

This weekend and week has been super hectic for me, I accompanied my mother to a weekend retreat in Montego Bay and then when we got back, we had the funeral of my grand uncle to attend. Not only did I attend, I had to cook 50lbs of jerk chicken to feed the masses at the repass. So needless to say I had zero time to make any elaborate pumpkin recipe.

These are the type of recipes I come up with when I have a busy week and one hour to cook. The beauty with pumpkin, is that it’s very easy to cook and extremely versatile. I sometimes wonder if there is anything pumpkin can’t make. So you don’t need any special anything for this one jst and oven and a blender/food processor and your good to go.

Ingredients (printable recipe)

2 cups pumpkin chopped
5 crushed cloves garlic
½ cup chopped onion
¼ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon black pepper
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 green pepper roasted
1 red pepper roasted
¼ cup onion
5 ounce cream cheese
3 tablespoon mayonnaise
4 ounce sharp cheddar cheese
4 ounce pepper jack cheese


To cook the pumpkin

  • Preheat the oven to 365 degrees
  • Place the pumpkin, garlic, onion on a prepared/lined baking sheet
  • Season with salt black pepper and oil
  • Place in the oven and cook until pumpkin is fork tender
  • Once tender remove from oven and set aside to completely cool

To roast the pepper

  • Place the green and red pepper on an open flame and char on all sides
  • When all the skin is charred and black put the peppers in a sealable plastic container
  • Close the lid and set it aside for 8-10 minutes
  • After the minutes have passed remove from the container and wash away all the charred skin under the faucet
  • Remove the stem and seeds and use the remaining portion of the pepper.

To make the dip

  • In a food processor combine, roasted pumpkin mix, roasted peppers, cream cheese, mayonnaise, pepper jack, cheddar and onion.
  • Blend until creamy but slightly chunky
  • Place in a Ziploc bag and refrigerate overnight to develop the flavors.
  • Serve cold with your favorite sides to dip.

Greedy Tips:

  • You want to make sure you let it sit in the refrigerator overnight, if you can’t wait that long, at least an hour or two in the refrigerator. 

 Xoxo Greedygirl

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