Friday, 12 December 2014

Greedy girl eats: Jack Sprat

"Greedy Girl Eats"

This is another one of our favorite seafood restaurants. A number of years ago a bunch of friends and I decided to head down to the coast to try this spot we had been hearing about.We had no idea where we were going, we just drove and followed the signs. We took a few wrong turns but were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to this beautiful spot. The food was great and we have been back there so many times since that I cant even count. Today lets talk about Jack Sprats escovitch fish.

Escovitch fish is really just a well-seasoned fish fried crispy and topped with a spicy pickle sauce. The sauce is full of vinegar, onions, pimento, hot peppers and carrots. This sauce can be made and left to soak for months, even years and still be delicious. The longer it soaks the better the flavor.
The fourth restaurant I will review is  Jack sprat . 

Name: Jack Sprat
Location: Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth 

Of all the seaside seafood restaurants Jack Sprat setting is the most beautiful. While little Ochie and Oswalds are on a fisherman's beach Jack Sprat is not. Persons lay on the sand, put their feet in the water and sometimes even swim. The location is very scenic, tranquil and incredibly beautiful especially in the afternoon. You go into a building place your food and drink order and then have a seat wherever you choose and wait to be served. There is covered seating as well as chairs in the open air for you to dine under the stars or sun. But enough about how gorgeous the place is and lets get to the escovitch fish.

Seasoning: 9 Almost perfect seasoning!
Consistency: 10 Always consistent. 
Pickle: 6 The vinegar to me is over cooked. Onions and carrots could be more crunchy a bit too soggy. And they use sweet peppers in the pickle which I personally don't like. 
Crispiness: 7 Fish is not fried as crispy as I would like
Fish freshness: 10 Fish is always fresh, and tender never old and tough
Hiccups: -1 You don't choose your own fish or pay by the weight of the fish. There is just one set price for the meals.

 Total score 41/50 or 82%

Greedy tips: 

  • This place is not so bad for lizards. At night the covered ceiling areas have lizards but the outdoor areas are fine.
  • This restaurant is well know for the seafood pizzas which is quite good and highly recommended. 

Remember this review is JUST for the escovitch fish, not for their entire menu.The food served at this establishment is top notch. A little pricy compared to other seaside establishments but delicious none the less.

Xoxo Greedygirl

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