Thursday, 13 June 2013

Shrimp Scampi like a Pro

First and foremost I have to give a shout out to Red Lobster for introducing me to shrimp scampi. It was here that I had my very first taste, one of my guilty pleasures. It’s no secret that their version is way too oily and salty, but its soooo yummy, who can resist? My goal was always to make a shrimp scampi that tasted just like theirs, minus the overdose of butter and hypertensive salt content.

This dish is one of the easiest things you will probably ever make. Not only does shrimp take less than 4 minutes to cook, there are very few ingredients and the method is very simple.  I like to toss this with linguini; it’s also amazing with mac n cheese. Yes I said mac and cheese, the rules against seafood and cheese were left in 1961, three words Filet-o-fish.  

But back to the shrimp: Mash potatoes or garlic bread are also great with this, really anything to absorb the amazing sauce will do just fine. If you don’t have shallots you can just use onions. However try to use shallots if you can, they are much milder and sweeter than onions; they also incorporate themselves very well in sauces.

You only need one pan for this so get it out and let’s begin

1 lb Shrimp peeled deveined tail on
2 table spoon Salt
2 tea spoon Black pepper
1 Shallots chopped
1 cup. Wine (I prefer sweet wines I use a white zin)
4 table spoon butter (2 for saute 2 for sauce)
4 table spoon olive oil  (2 for saute 2 for sauce)
1 teaspoon Sugar
½ Lime (juice)
7 Garlic cloves (5 sliced 2 shredded)
Chives/parsley (optional)

(Printable Recipe)
HUGE TIP: This recipe is going to give you an exceptionally nice homemade version of the scampi. If you want yours to taste just like red lobsters (and I know you do). You need two packs of the Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning. You would substitute all the salt in the recipe for this (they already contain salt).

One packet is used to season the shrimp along with a drizzle of olive oil. And add the other packet added to the sauce.  Follow all the other instructions the same. I also don’t add chives and parsley if I make it with the ranch seasoning.
Let me just be clear….this is the most delicious thing ever!!!!!  I would have used the packets in the video, but they don’t sell them here in Jamaica. I usually stock up in NY and take them back, but I’m fresh out.  

xoxo Greedygirl