Friday, 11 October 2013

Scotch pumpkins, not eggs

"Pumpkin Everythang”

 Scotch eggs, are a popular picnic food  in Britain. It’s a soft or hard boiled egg, wrapped in sausage, breaded then baked or fried.  It’s sold everywhere in Britain even gas stations (shocking I know).  Serve them with ranch sauce, honey mustard or gravy. I decided to put my own little spin on this and make it even yummier by replacing the eggs with balls of pumpkin. What a great way to cut the cholesterol levels .

Scotch eggs are among the many recipes that I have written on my to cook list, just the same way I had prolonged my meeting with bacon jam.  During pancake month when I made Dutch pancakes I used quail eggs. When doing a quick random image search for quail eggs on Google, I stumbled upon  'I am a food blogs' post on scotch eggs, and thought “oh yeah I’ve been meaning to make these” but sadly remembered the following month would be pumpkin everything,  then a smile came upon my face, because I realized I could get rid of the egg and replace it with a ball of pumpkin.

To blanch or not to blanch was my first concern when I decided to use the pumpkin. I didn't want to risk a raw and tough pumpkin center, I figured better safe than sorry and quickly blanch the pumpkin before scooping the balls. I used a breakfast sausage mixed with Canadian bacon as my meat layer. I find the sage, thyme and rosemary flavors in a breakfast sausage pair so well with the sweet pumpkin. Panko bread crumbs for the outer layer are an absolute must if you really want a very crunchy and golden brown exterior. So with the melon ball sized pumpkins, a thin layer of meat and breading you get little 1.5 inch diameter balls, perfect little one bite morsels, for an amuse bouche, hors d'oeuvre, appetizer or whatever you like to call it. Scotch pumpkins or scotch eggs, you decide. 

Check it out.

Makes 20
Best served hot/warm sauce optional

1/8 Blanched pumpkin (boiled in water with 3 tsp. sugar and 1 tsp. salt)
6 breakfast Sausage links
4 strips Canadian loin bacon (minced)
4 tbls chopped onion 
 ¼ tsp. Black pepper( to season meat)
½ tsp. No salt seasoning (to season meat)
 1 cup Flour
 ½ tsp. Salt  (to season flour)
¼ tsp. Black pepper (to season flour)
½ tsp. Paprika (to season flour)
1 Egg (beaten with 2 tbls water)
1.5 cups Panko bread crumbs
Oil for frying 375 degrees

Greedy Tips:
  • Double the amount of sausage if you want a thicker meat layer
  • Use any type of sausage you want, casings removed
  • Use a thicker pumpkin to scoop more balls
  • Make sure to wash pumpkin skin, since its boiled in the skin
  • And boil for around 10- 12 minutes
  • freeze the left over pumpkin for use later this month

Xoxo Greedygirl