Friday, 7 March 2014

Foil roasted fish


Something smells fishy... 

I will admit I stole this recipe from my aunt, “Miss set it and forget it“. This lady uses any excuse she can to throw food in the oven and leave it there until it’s ready. Especially for reheating, I often shake my head as she warms leftovers in foil for 20 minutes in the oven as opposed to using the perfectly working microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds….sigh…to each his own. In any case I’m not complaining, because I got this fish recipe as a result of her insanity (or genius).

 I will say mine is not as yummy as hers, maybe because she also stuffs hers with sauté callaloo and okra. But its still a lovely way to cook some fish. The pumpkin and sweet potatoes are really great, especially the sweet potato. They both soak up all the juices from the fish butter and marinade. The pumpkin gets very soft and almost becomes a part of the sauce in the bottom of the foil.

Lawry also has a Caribbean Jerk and Herb and white wine marinade which I would love to try it with this fish next time instead of the lemon pepper. I think I may actually roast this on the grill next time for added flavor as well. All in all a healthy easy complete meal wrapped in foil left in the oven to do its thing. Can’t beat that!

Ingredients (printable recipe)
I listed the ingredients per fish, so its easier to scale down or up depending on the amount of fish your roasting

5 fish (Parrot, snapper and grunt)
2 tbsp. per fish Lawry lemon pepper dressing (or any other you like)
1 per fish small Sweet potat
1 garlic clove per fish
1/4 per fish cups sliced Pumpkin
4 to 5 beans per fish Allspice
2 sprigs thyme per fish
1 tbsp per fish Garlic Compound butter (click here)

Parsley seasoning
enough for 5 fish

2 cups fresh parsley
4 tsp. Salt
¼ tsp. Black pepper
2 tbsp Oil

Greedy tips:

  • Leave the fish in a 400 degree oven for about an hour. Once the potatoes are tender and the sauce begins to caramelize on the pumpkin and fish its finished
  • Make sure to remove scales, sharp fins, gills and all internal yuckyness from the fish before cooking.
  • The fresher the fish, the better this recipe, older fishes will be tough dry and chewy, a fresh fish will me flaky and moist and succulent
  • Make sure to try other marinades if you don’t like the lemon pepper flavor
  • if your roasting one or two fish, you can freeze the remaining parsley seasoning in ice trays or a small ziplock bag for later 
  • feel free to add scotch bonnet peppers, scallions, carrots or whatever other veggies you like in the mix

Xoxo Greedygirl

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