Friday, 30 January 2015

Chocolate chip, Orange and Rosemary Corn Muffin

 "Feast of Saint Valentine"

Can you believe the first month of 2015 is over? Chocolate month flew by so fast. For the last recipe I decided to make a very flavorful  muffin, full of herb and citrus flavors. I find this muffin has something for everyone, a little grown up but kids would still enjoy it with the orange flavor and the chocolate chips.

Usually the last recipe of the month is the most ad-hoc because I end up riding the pantry and using whatever I have left to whip up something. I don’t even know how long we have had the betty Crocker muffin mix, but for some reason we always seem to have one or two pouches on stand-by.
The recipe is quite simple and very flavorful; the only major thing that you need to make sure is that the muffins don’t come out dry. In my opinion betty Crocker should probably tweak the fat content in this muffin as well as the cooking time. There is too little fat and the cooking time is a few minutes too long (for the amount of fat required on their packaging). If you follow their muffin batter recipe exactly your muffins will be too dry. 

However In the recipe I have added the betty crocker standard ingredients as is as a base to follow. So here are three things that you can do to get your muffin to be moist.  The first one I would have done in this video however I did not have any creamed corn. 

  • Replace the milk with the same quantity of creamed corn
For the next two you can choose either one. 
  • The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of butter you can use 3-4 tablespoons. 
  • Or the recipe calls for 1 egg, you can use 1 egg plus 1 yolk. 
The fat in a muffin aids in the moistness, so just adding a little extra fat (but not too much) will give you a very moist corn muffin. The prime example of this is my chicken pot cornbreadmuffins, I use the exact same Betty Crocker mix, however the chicken pot pie filling has 4 tablespoons of butter and in addition the mix itself has butter and 2 eggs. The muffins are super-duper moist.  So please….do not follow betty crocker on this one.

1 orange
1 sprig rosemary
Betty Crocker mix
1/3 cup milk or creamed corn
1 egg 
2-4 tablespoons butter
1/3 cup chocolate chips

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